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Tuesday Quotes 65


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Things I think I am good at

  1. Reading – I am a book worm who devours books rapidly
  2. Typing – I seriously type very fast
  3. Sleeping – I can win a championship for sleeping
  4. Making lists – Half of my posts are the list types … I guess that proves it
  5. Eating – One look at me and you will believe
  6. Giving dirty looks – Ask my husband and he will tell you all about it as most of the times he is the recipient.
  7. Being sarcastic – It is my forte
  8. Dancing – I might not be an expert like a professional dancer but I can dance pretty well
  9. Jigsaw puzzles – Oh yeah I am an expert
  10. Planning itenary for a trip -I always plan trips for friends and family
  11. Bookworm– the game – It’s my most favorite game
  12. Organizing handbag,drawers , almost anything – I love putting things in place and hence my expertise.
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Movie march

March has been a kind of movie marathon for me. Maybe it is because I finally have time since I am on a break. I watch movies on my laptop, try to catch the 9PM movie on the TV or just go to the theatre if it is a real good one.

So sharing with you what I thought of some the movies I watched in March

Monuments men



This movie is for people who know the know and value art because otherwise one wonders why it is so important to save art when people are dying around in the war time… The movie is slow and the plot is bland.There are some few funny moments here and there but otherwise there is nothing really interesting happening.I really like George Clooney( that’s the reason I went for the movie) but he has done far better roles before …The film is not at all terrible but it’s not memorable also.



One thing that came to my mind after watching this movie is that it’s such an apt title . It’s truly bewakoofiya to watch this movie. I had liked Aayushman Khurana in Vicky donor but here is this sulky person who just refuses to grow up and blames everyone everything for losing his job. I know that frustrated people can rant like that but here it is so exaggerated that it cannot be digested. I felt that I might puke if I heard the dialogue ‘ Hott , Kha jaun tereko!!!’ after the 4th time. Sonam Kapoor is annoying. I wish instead of giving her dialogues why don’t they just mute her voice and give sub titles for the audience. That would be a relief. There is zero chemistry between the lead pair and they look like they are sleep walking through their roles. Rishi kapoor is the only saving grace. But bechara even he can’t do much in such a script. I needed two cups of coffee to stay awake. Watch it at your own risk.

300 Rise of an Empire


Its filled with blood and gore. But if you liked the first part don’t miss this one. The special effects were fantastic. The new lead actor is nice but I missed the booming voice of Gerald Butler. The mortal turned God, Xerxes was impressive as in the first movie. It is a full paisa vasool movie for people who were big fans of its predecessor.

Stuck in Love


This one is a romantic comedy – drama that I caught on TV one lazy afternoon. I have this thing about my afternoon movies. I cannot watch anything serious or though provoking in the afternoons so this one suited me just fine. It’s a nice movie about complicated relationships. The story is not surprising but still one feels satisfies by the end of it. I liked it. Definitely a onetime watch.

We need to talk about Kevin


I had read reviews about the book and since I didn’t get time to read the book myself I thought of catching the movie. Very very  very disturbing yet fascinating. I wanted to switch it off but couldn’t. The curiosity of what happens next kept me glued yet I often wondered if I wanted to know the end and the reason of why he did what he did. This is one movie that leaves you speechless. Watch it only if you are willing to let yourself get haunted with disturbing thoughts. I think this movie qualifies to be called ‘A Horror Movie for Parents’ (or anyone who is old enough to be a parent).

Walk to Remember



It’s a classic fairy tale of good girl bad boy and impossible love. The story predictable and no different from any other romantic movies but since I can get emotional and teary in almost any sad love story, this one made me cry buckets. Girls, you can watch it on a rainy day, cuddled up with your love with a box of tissues nearby. (If the poor guy has stomach to digest all the corny mushy romance)

ETA: This post was pending in the drafts for a long long time.I just dug it up.Sorry guys for such a delayed post.

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The First Three days

It’s now been three days officially since I am unemployed. Remember, in the last post I had written about my anxiety and nervousness about this break? But surprisingly it’s not as bad as I feared it would be … I am actually enjoying not having a schedule, not running here and there trying to complete an impossible amount of work in the limited time… and not being busy busy busy the whole time with almost no time to just breathe…

It s true that I take long vacations once a year and plan some weekend getaways in between but somehow again I get into the obsessive mode of planning. I meticulously plan my every vacation with plans and backup plans. I have schedules and list of things to do even when I am on a vacation. Since H is also into planning and all he didn’t seem to mind. But now that I am sitting back at home with no definite plan I wonder if I am a control freak without realizing it? I definitely should learn to let go. I have done a part of it letting go of the work to take a break. So I guess I am in the learning mode now. I have left the safety & comfort of the harbor and ventured out in the open sea looking for an adventure.

Well now let me tell you about what I have been up to for the last 2-3 days. I have decided to focus on my health and lose a little weight and get fit. So I made list with options for exercise ie Gym, zumba, aerobics, power yoga, kick boxing, dancing. I am in the process of visiting all the places in my vicinity which have these classes. I plan to take trial classes and then decide which two of the options I will take. I don’t think with my almost non flexible body which is so not used to exercise more than one class a day is going to be feasible.

So far I have visited 4 gyms. Liked none of them much. I basically look for space in a gym and the try to check whether the trainers are good. Somehow cramped up gyms make me claustrophobic and I can’t imagine me working out while trying to take care as to not bump into somebody. But most of the gyms in my vicinity are in converted 2 or 3 BHK flats space is a big problem. The equipments are good, the trainers seem ok but I just can’t exercise there. Then there is this gym which I had joined a year back and didn’t continue. It has adequate space but trainers are super pushy. I don’t want to go there as well so I think as of now the option of gym is out.

I took two trial sessions of power yoga. My aching body is a proof of how strenuous it is(It actually looked simpler on you tube).Well I really like both the classes and I am confused. One class is just power yoga where they teach you different variations of the ‘surya namaskar’ and improve your posture. Its instructor is a middle aged lady , super fit and looks like she would fold and mold me into a perfect shape if I just put myself in her hands. But that class looks like real work with almost zero fun. Also I didn’t like the studio space.

The second class is a power yoga + aerobics + zumba class. Its super fun with nice music and airy studio with mirrors and big windows. I really enjoyed it a lot but the instructor is a little dumb. She was talking about nerves carrying blood. Even someone like me who is not so good at biology knows that is not true. But she goes on and on about things like that.

So to sum it up its Fun Class + Dumb Instructor versus Serious Class + Great Instructor. I am confused.

Oye !!! That reminds me I have to go … I have a kick boxing trial class to attend… Now let’s see how that works out…


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KalaGhoda 2014

Like every year I was excited about the Kala Ghoda festival…But this year I went there alone as an experiment.I usually hate going anywhere just by myself…I feel lost and lonely but this time I took it up as a challenge. I wanted to go there and have fun without the comfort of a known company…

I felt excited yet nervous like a kid on the first day of school but I had made up my mind and so I took a train and went all the way to CST.Since it was a weekend I had planned to reach there before the rush actually starts…But no such luck . I reached there at about 11.30 but still it was packed.There was an ocean of people around me.The stalls there (as usual) were filled with creative and  fun stuff…I love shopping there but this time fighting my way to have a look around in the stalls itself was a big task .. So I stuck to clicking snaps and enjoying the whole festive atmosphere…

Sharing some snaps with you…


















It was a very interesting day…I realized that sometimes spending time doing what you like doing gives a different perspective on your life…Should do it again sometime.


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The month that went by …

It’s been ages that I sat down to write a blog … Too many things happening and too fast … There were so many things to write about and I just could get myself to sit down and put it up on the paper …

But now this year I have decided to get back to blogging and stick to it .So here ‘s me giving you a gist of my life in January 2014 … It’s a bullet post .I know I am a little rusty but please bear with me…

Here it goes :

– I could actually maintain a food diary for a month … ( happy dance )

– I didn’t drink areated drink . Nope I didn’t cheat even once. I could sit in an restaurant and ignore the bottle of limca even if it was placed in front of me. How is that for self control ??? ( I usually start drooling at the sight of a nice chilled Limca / Coke bottle )

– I saw 5 movies that I had not seen before and read two new books. I have decided to make a note of these things in my diary. I plan to watch 100 movies by the end of this year. Actually it means watching about 2 movies per week which is kinda do- able.So that’s the plan.

– The shopaholic gene in me got activated when the sales started and I braved the crazy crowds during the republic day and went to the mall. Window shopped mostly because the queue to the trial rooms was endless. But got some really pretty earrings from Accessorise.

– My home is looking super messed up because I haven’t been on my usual dusting and cleaning chores for a month. There is a thin layer of dust everywhere now and I completely hate it but with the stressful days in office I don’t have the energy to do the chores after work.

– January has been a pretty good month as regards to my health ( touch wood) … Not painful tooth extractions … No icky gynaec procedures … So thankful for that.

– I bought a bright pink lipstick and wear it almost everyday … ( I don’t wear cosmetics often and so it deserves a special mention)

– I completely totally hate my job at my current office. Yes, I realised it this month. It’s been there on somewhere deep down but some incidents just brought it to surface .My job situation deserves a whole post by itself so I won’t elaborate further on it.

– I invented my own recipe and made a brocholli & baby corn stir fry sabzi and it was super yummy … I am turning into quite a cook … So proud of myself when I like my own cooking .

– I dragged H to my cousin P ‘s first haldi kum kum. Usually it’s a ladies only event but my poor brother in law was stuck in the middle of all the ladies and desperately needed rescuing so I made H come along. Had a lot of fun there. And I got two spoons as a return gift …

Well that’s all I could come up for the month of January ….So that’s that …

Hope you haven’t fallen asleep yet …

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Colors !!!

On my way to office today I was greeted by this colorful sight.



Thought it might brighten up your day as it did mine.

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