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My Idea of Paradise

My Idea of Paradise

I was introduced to reading story books by my mum at a very early age. I remember her telling me stories in bed from a giant picture book we had. I was fascinated and utterly lost in the fantasy world of the Disney characters.Slowly she started reading stories from Eniyd Blyton and I was hooked. She used to tell me just a little part and creating a huge curiosity and suspense and then pretend that she had some work so couldn’t tell the rest of the story and I was just ┬áthe option of reading it myself to know what happens next. Thus I got caught in the world of books. I loved reading and my parents encouraged it.I remember having the biggest personal library of story book in the whole school and my parents after sometime rationed by new books supply.


I devoured books like a bookworm and when anyone asked me what present I wanted I always had a list of books ready.I was a fast reader and took pride in keeping my books neatly organised.I got many pass it ons from my cousins who got it from his cousins. But I was always hungry for more.

Books were my escape. They took me to the bustling cities , beautiful country sides , scorching deserts and peaceful beaches. I travelled through time and lived with kings and queens or sometimes visited the spaceships of the future.It was thrilling , fascinating and utterly addicting.


I read all kinds of genres but thriller novels are my favourites. The authors whose books I love are Sidney Sheldon( most well written thrillers), James Hadley Chase ( suspense novels at their best), Khaled Hosseni ( his books touch you, move you), Chetan Bhagat ( for his simplicity in writing ), Diane Chamberlain ( I recently discovered her books and now I wonder what took me so long to find such a treasure), Michelle Moran (beautiful historical fiction).I am a big fan of trilogies and book series. Some of my favourites are The Harry Potter series, Twilight saga ( yea I am a mush), Hunger Games series, Immortals of Mehula series and the latest on my topmost favourites is A song of fire and Ice Series by George R Martin.

After moving to Mumbai I hardly had space to accommodate my vast library so I brought a few of my favourites and subscribed to a library for the latest ones.But then about a couple of years back I got a kindle and my joy knew no bounds. I could have as many books as I wanted and with no worry of where to store them.I could read books easily while travelling and it’s so easy to buy the latest book on kindle. You can browse through millions of books and if you like anything and buy it it’s there on your kindle in a minute. Happiness.


I don’t go to the bookstores so often now as I do all my book shopping online now. But I miss the experience of going to a bookstore ,the feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of books, the feeling you get while touching a new books pages … Ahhh the bliss !!!

Writing this post has reminded me how much I miss the bookstore and I must go there sometime soon just to bask in the radiance of so many books…

Books are one of the most essential things in my life.Its not just liking ;I need them for I feel the most alive and awake when I am reading.

So here’s wishing all the book readers and book lovers like me a lifetime supply of good books to read and ample time to enjoy them !!!


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My little Library



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The month that went by …

It’s been ages that I sat down to write a blog … Too many things happening and too fast … There were so many things to write about and I just could get myself to sit down and put it up on the paper …

But now this year I have decided to get back to blogging and stick to it .So here ‘s me giving you a gist of my life in January 2014 … It’s a bullet post .I know I am a little rusty but please bear with me…

Here it goes :

– I could actually maintain a food diary for a month … ( happy dance )

– I didn’t drink areated drink . Nope I didn’t cheat even once. I could sit in an restaurant and ignore the bottle of limca even if it was placed in front of me. How is that for self control ??? ( I usually start drooling at the sight of a nice chilled Limca / Coke bottle )

– I saw 5 movies that I had not seen before and read two new books. I have decided to make a note of these things in my diary. I plan to watch 100 movies by the end of this year. Actually it means watching about 2 movies per week which is kinda do- able.So that’s the plan.

– The shopaholic gene in me got activated when the sales started and I braved the crazy crowds during the republic day and went to the mall. Window shopped mostly because the queue to the trial rooms was endless. But got some really pretty earrings from Accessorise.

– My home is looking super messed up because I haven’t been on my usual dusting and cleaning chores for a month. There is a thin layer of dust everywhere now and I completely hate it but with the stressful days in office I don’t have the energy to do the chores after work.

– January has been a pretty good month as regards to my health ( touch wood) … Not painful tooth extractions … No icky gynaec procedures … So thankful for that.

– I bought a bright pink lipstick and wear it almost everyday … ( I don’t wear cosmetics often and so it deserves a special mention)

– I completely totally hate my job at my current office. Yes, I realised it this month. It’s been there on somewhere deep down but some incidents just brought it to surface .My job situation deserves a whole post by itself so I won’t elaborate further on it.

– I invented my own recipe and made a brocholli & baby corn stir fry sabzi and it was super yummy … I am turning into quite a cook … So proud of myself when I like my own cooking .

– I dragged H to my cousin P ‘s first haldi kum kum. Usually it’s a ladies only event but my poor brother in law was stuck in the middle of all the ladies and desperately needed rescuing so I made H come along. Had a lot of fun there. And I got two spoons as a return gift …

Well that’s all I could come up for the month of January ….So that’s that …

Hope you haven’t fallen asleep yet …

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