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Shoe- mate

I wobble in heels … Somehow walking in heels for me is a big challenge of putting one foot in front of the other whole trying hard not to fall flat on my face . I love pretty shoes but can never buy the sky high stilettos … Not even the kitten heels … I just sigh and walk away knowing that they are just not for me …

But just yesterday I walked into the Puma store to buy some track pants and found these amazing shoes



These can be laced up so the grip is good and also I can walk in these wedge heels almost comfortably …I just found my pretty pink shoe – mate …

I am in love …

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Two people locked in an unhappy marriage. Neither one wants to be the first to let go. Break.Move on.Walk alone towards an unknown future.

It’s been forever since they were together.So long that neither one of them remembers the time when they were single. The unhappiness and dissatisfaction has become a part of their everyday.It is the familiarity that keeps them together than the love they once shared.

Looking back , they never had an intense passionate relationship. It was just soothing and comforting as slipping into a good old comfy pajama after a hard day at work.She needed the peace and quiet of a non confrontational relationship and he needed someone to come back to.It worked out fine. When other couples around them cribbed and complained they held on to each other silently. Slowly they went on the engagement and wedding route to keep in with social norms with neither excitement nor distaste . It was just something you did after being together for a long time.

Trouble started when she suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar territory started feeling lonely in this silent world they shared. She felt a need to talk and connect. The more she tried to reach out and bond the more he withdrew. He didn’t know how to deal with this situation when he no longer could go into the long brooding silences for which he wasn’t questioned.The more he distanced himself , the more her loneliness grew.

Days passed and months grew into years , their relationship was at a pause. Neither going forward nor breaking.Talking about emotions was something neither of them were comfortable with so the silences grew longer. The easy comfort they termed love turned into just familiarity.

They knew somewhere deep down that they are dissatisfied and unhappy but doing something meant disturbing the carefully balanced familiar routine.

It is better this way they thought. It’s better to dwell locked up in a familiar cage then to fly out and explore the unknown sky.

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Movie march

March has been a kind of movie marathon for me. Maybe it is because I finally have time since I am on a break. I watch movies on my laptop, try to catch the 9PM movie on the TV or just go to the theatre if it is a real good one.

So sharing with you what I thought of some the movies I watched in March

Monuments men



This movie is for people who know the know and value art because otherwise one wonders why it is so important to save art when people are dying around in the war time… The movie is slow and the plot is bland.There are some few funny moments here and there but otherwise there is nothing really interesting happening.I really like George Clooney( that’s the reason I went for the movie) but he has done far better roles before …The film is not at all terrible but it’s not memorable also.



One thing that came to my mind after watching this movie is that it’s such an apt title . It’s truly bewakoofiya to watch this movie. I had liked Aayushman Khurana in Vicky donor but here is this sulky person who just refuses to grow up and blames everyone everything for losing his job. I know that frustrated people can rant like that but here it is so exaggerated that it cannot be digested. I felt that I might puke if I heard the dialogue ‘ Hott , Kha jaun tereko!!!’ after the 4th time. Sonam Kapoor is annoying. I wish instead of giving her dialogues why don’t they just mute her voice and give sub titles for the audience. That would be a relief. There is zero chemistry between the lead pair and they look like they are sleep walking through their roles. Rishi kapoor is the only saving grace. But bechara even he can’t do much in such a script. I needed two cups of coffee to stay awake. Watch it at your own risk.

300 Rise of an Empire


Its filled with blood and gore. But if you liked the first part don’t miss this one. The special effects were fantastic. The new lead actor is nice but I missed the booming voice of Gerald Butler. The mortal turned God, Xerxes was impressive as in the first movie. It is a full paisa vasool movie for people who were big fans of its predecessor.

Stuck in Love


This one is a romantic comedy – drama that I caught on TV one lazy afternoon. I have this thing about my afternoon movies. I cannot watch anything serious or though provoking in the afternoons so this one suited me just fine. It’s a nice movie about complicated relationships. The story is not surprising but still one feels satisfies by the end of it. I liked it. Definitely a onetime watch.

We need to talk about Kevin


I had read reviews about the book and since I didn’t get time to read the book myself I thought of catching the movie. Very very  very disturbing yet fascinating. I wanted to switch it off but couldn’t. The curiosity of what happens next kept me glued yet I often wondered if I wanted to know the end and the reason of why he did what he did. This is one movie that leaves you speechless. Watch it only if you are willing to let yourself get haunted with disturbing thoughts. I think this movie qualifies to be called ‘A Horror Movie for Parents’ (or anyone who is old enough to be a parent).

Walk to Remember



It’s a classic fairy tale of good girl bad boy and impossible love. The story predictable and no different from any other romantic movies but since I can get emotional and teary in almost any sad love story, this one made me cry buckets. Girls, you can watch it on a rainy day, cuddled up with your love with a box of tissues nearby. (If the poor guy has stomach to digest all the corny mushy romance)

ETA: This post was pending in the drafts for a long long time.I just dug it up.Sorry guys for such a delayed post.

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Tuesday Quotes 62


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15 Things Learnt While Managing My Own House

  1.  Cooking is an essential skill. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef but you should be able to cook edible food without burning down the kitchen
  2. Your home will look neat & tidy only if you put an effort into it. There is no genie who is going to fix up your place while you are working in your office.
  3. Finding a good maid and cook is a very very difficult task and one of utmost importance for your mental & physical well being.
  4. Making grocery lists and shopping list is unavoidable if you don’t want to come back to an empty fridge after a hard day at work.
  5. You need to make budgets and learn to manage your finances. It is not okay to spend a major chunk of your salary on a gorgeous bag.
  6. Even if you find a maid, supervising her work is important otherwise you might have some missing spoons or other household items and your biggest worry would be if you confront her you will lose the maid and will have to do all the household stuff yourself.
  7. Get Annual Maintenance Contracts done for your home equipment. Saves a lot of headache if any of them give trouble later.
  8. Having at least cordial relationship with your neighbors is necessary. You never know for what you might need help
  9. Time management is very important as bills are not going to wait for you and neither are the maids.
  10. Don’t get overwhelmed or hyper. Breathe. Take one thing at a time. Finish it and then move on to the next thing.
  11. Prioritize and Schedule. (This part I love. Making schedules and charts , my favorite thing)
  12. Get rid of the Clutter and stop hoarding. This gives you less things to clean and house looks tidy.
  13. Respect your Mother and all the other Home makers. They do a wonderful job.
  14. Remember that you are not a super woman. You won’t be able to do everything right at the same time so don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you are not as good as your mum. Just do the best you can with all your sincerity.
  15. You need used to the idea that managing a house is not a piece of cake. It needs time and effort. It means work. No one is going to thank you and you are not going to get an increment or a promotion because you do it well but you still need to learn it and do it well for yourself and your loved ones. It’s your home. Love it and take care of it.



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10 Things I love about my Hometown

  1.  The home that lived in
  2. Everything is at about a 10 min driving distance. So friends and family are never far away
  3. Everybody knows everybody.(That is also very annoying at times.)
  4. The beaches. Beautiful sandy beaches.
  5. Being close to nature.
  6. The bhelpuri (I live in Mumbai now but I swear the bhelpuri in my hometown is the best)
  7. My school.
  8. Local Food. Its fresh and super yummy.
  9. It’s nice, quiet ,cozy and safe
  10. Its where my heart still lives.



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Tuesday Quotes 60


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