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Weekly Diaries 01

I love writing a diary.I have been doing this since my school days.Its a wonderful way to collect your memories and it surely brings out a smile on your face when you read it later.
I am hoping to write such kinda posts on a weekly basis sharing a few of the significant memories of the week that was.
So here it goes …
Ate the yummiest home made Chicken Biryani. I was supposed to be on diet but the temptation was too much.I feel so guilty now..
The maid announced that she is taking off for 2 days.I went into depression right then and there.Work is office is as it is very stressful these days and zaps up most of my energy and after that coming home and doing the extra chores was a very scary prospect.But since finding a new maid was not a option I took up the whole extra chores thing as a challenge.Whew !!! Washing utensils, washing clothes ,dusting the house …so tiring …I suddenly developed a respect for all those housewives who manage their homes to efficiently…and the women who manage both their work and home …Are you ladies from a different planet?

I had adjusted my schedule to accommodate the extra chores in the morning . So after work H and me went for a nice long walk in the evening. It’s been long since we actually had time for something like that. Holding hands, chatting about everyday things. Felt peaceful and nice.Note to myself : Should do this more often.
It was a real long long long day. Work was satisfying and tiring. Been such a long time since I had such a fruitful day. Though I was tired I slept with a happy smile on my face.


It was out 3rd Anniversary. No we didn’t do anything elaborate because H isn’t really one of those special day celebrations kinda guys and it was a very busy and hectic workday.But we did catch up on late night show of the movie Life of Pi. It was a magical experience.Its one of the best 3D movies I have ever seen. Will write a review sometime soon .
Met my cousin Motu after about 10 years.He is in town for my other cousin P’s wedding.He is the youngest among us cousins.It was weird, exciting and fun to meet him after all these years.He is 21 now and weighs about a 100 kg but he still seemed to me like the lil guy we all pampered.Loved playing the elder sister and taking him all around the town and pampering him all over again.

Me and H caught the early morning show of Talash.I was eagerly waiting for this movie’s release for a long time but after watching it I am not sure if I liked it or no. Mixed emotions. But two movies in one week … Amazing !!!


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