A for Animals

03 May

5216406967_852678023_navy_i_love_animals_t_shirts_design_xlarge_xlargeAnimals have been a part of my life since my early childhood days.I come from a small town where houses had a lot of open space around them.Some people had their farms nearby and so seeing hens clucking happily in the backyard , cows and buffaloes in the fields and dogs chasing cats and other intruders was a part of my day everyday.The love and comfort you find though animals was something that I learnt very early.

One of my earliest memory is me trying to ride on our big Alsatian dog called Bruno. I had seen people riding horses on TV and thought that Bruno could be my own pony so I was clutching his ear trying to climb on his back and that poor dear was whimpering till my mum came to his rescue and made me understand why one can’t ride a dog.But credit to Bruno as even though he must be in pain he didn’t do anything to hurt me at all.I loved him with all my heart and I am sure he felt the same way.

We had hens clucking in our backyard and buffaloes to provide us with fresh milk.I had names for everyone of them and considered them to be my friends. I lived in a house a little away from the main town so didn’t have any neighbors and so no children to play with. But my animal friends kept me busy and I didn’t feel the need for any other friends. They were my best buddies and my family.


I was gifted an animal encyclopedia when I was about seven or eight and I devoured it. I could talk about different temperature zones and the wildlife in it even before I was ten. People were amazed but for me it was like knowing more about my friends.

I refused going to the circus because I believed the animals there were mistreated.I rescued a buffalo that had fallen in a ditch.Wrote about conservation of endangered species for a school magazine.I was teased and made fun of for liking animals so much but I didn’t care.

I am the happiest on a wildlife safari and in well kept zoos where the animals look healthy and well taken care of.H teases me that I can dump him instantly if some zoo owner proposes me.

People who love animals know the unconditional love that they get in return.How you are not judged by your appearance,intelligence or wealth. You give kindness and are returned with twice as much.

Growing up as almost a farm girl I have learnt to respect animals, fear them at times, understand those cute expressions and love them with whole of my heart.




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