Things I think I am good at

30 Apr
  1. Reading – I am a book worm who devours books rapidly
  2. Typing – I seriously type very fast
  3. Sleeping – I can win a championship for sleeping
  4. Making lists – Half of my posts are the list types … I guess that proves it
  5. Eating – One look at me and you will believe
  6. Giving dirty looks – Ask my husband and he will tell you all about it as most of the times he is the recipient.
  7. Being sarcastic – It is my forte
  8. Dancing – I might not be an expert like a professional dancer but I can dance pretty well
  9. Jigsaw puzzles – Oh yeah I am an expert
  10. Planning itenary for a trip -I always plan trips for friends and family
  11. Bookworm– the game – It’s my most favorite game
  12. Organizing handbag,drawers , almost anything – I love putting things in place and hence my expertise.
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