15 Things Learnt While Managing My Own House

27 Mar
  1.  Cooking is an essential skill. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef but you should be able to cook edible food without burning down the kitchen
  2. Your home will look neat & tidy only if you put an effort into it. There is no genie who is going to fix up your place while you are working in your office.
  3. Finding a good maid and cook is a very very difficult task and one of utmost importance for your mental & physical well being.
  4. Making grocery lists and shopping list is unavoidable if you don’t want to come back to an empty fridge after a hard day at work.
  5. You need to make budgets and learn to manage your finances. It is not okay to spend a major chunk of your salary on a gorgeous bag.
  6. Even if you find a maid, supervising her work is important otherwise you might have some missing spoons or other household items and your biggest worry would be if you confront her you will lose the maid and will have to do all the household stuff yourself.
  7. Get Annual Maintenance Contracts done for your home equipment. Saves a lot of headache if any of them give trouble later.
  8. Having at least cordial relationship with your neighbors is necessary. You never know for what you might need help
  9. Time management is very important as bills are not going to wait for you and neither are the maids.
  10. Don’t get overwhelmed or hyper. Breathe. Take one thing at a time. Finish it and then move on to the next thing.
  11. Prioritize and Schedule. (This part I love. Making schedules and charts , my favorite thing)
  12. Get rid of the Clutter and stop hoarding. This gives you less things to clean and house looks tidy.
  13. Respect your Mother and all the other Home makers. They do a wonderful job.
  14. Remember that you are not a super woman. You won’t be able to do everything right at the same time so don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you are not as good as your mum. Just do the best you can with all your sincerity.
  15. You need used to the idea that managing a house is not a piece of cake. It needs time and effort. It means work. No one is going to thank you and you are not going to get an increment or a promotion because you do it well but you still need to learn it and do it well for yourself and your loved ones. It’s your home. Love it and take care of it.



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