The First Three days

13 Mar

It’s now been three days officially since I am unemployed. Remember, in the last post I had written about my anxiety and nervousness about this break? But surprisingly it’s not as bad as I feared it would be … I am actually enjoying not having a schedule, not running here and there trying to complete an impossible amount of work in the limited time… and not being busy busy busy the whole time with almost no time to just breathe…

It s true that I take long vacations once a year and plan some weekend getaways in between but somehow again I get into the obsessive mode of planning. I meticulously plan my every vacation with plans and backup plans. I have schedules and list of things to do even when I am on a vacation. Since H is also into planning and all he didn’t seem to mind. But now that I am sitting back at home with no definite plan I wonder if I am a control freak without realizing it? I definitely should learn to let go. I have done a part of it letting go of the work to take a break. So I guess I am in the learning mode now. I have left the safety & comfort of the harbor and ventured out in the open sea looking for an adventure.

Well now let me tell you about what I have been up to for the last 2-3 days. I have decided to focus on my health and lose a little weight and get fit. So I made list with options for exercise ie Gym, zumba, aerobics, power yoga, kick boxing, dancing. I am in the process of visiting all the places in my vicinity which have these classes. I plan to take trial classes and then decide which two of the options I will take. I don’t think with my almost non flexible body which is so not used to exercise more than one class a day is going to be feasible.

So far I have visited 4 gyms. Liked none of them much. I basically look for space in a gym and the try to check whether the trainers are good. Somehow cramped up gyms make me claustrophobic and I can’t imagine me working out while trying to take care as to not bump into somebody. But most of the gyms in my vicinity are in converted 2 or 3 BHK flats space is a big problem. The equipments are good, the trainers seem ok but I just can’t exercise there. Then there is this gym which I had joined a year back and didn’t continue. It has adequate space but trainers are super pushy. I don’t want to go there as well so I think as of now the option of gym is out.

I took two trial sessions of power yoga. My aching body is a proof of how strenuous it is(It actually looked simpler on you tube).Well I really like both the classes and I am confused. One class is just power yoga where they teach you different variations of the ‘surya namaskar’ and improve your posture. Its instructor is a middle aged lady , super fit and looks like she would fold and mold me into a perfect shape if I just put myself in her hands. But that class looks like real work with almost zero fun. Also I didn’t like the studio space.

The second class is a power yoga + aerobics + zumba class. Its super fun with nice music and airy studio with mirrors and big windows. I really enjoyed it a lot but the instructor is a little dumb. She was talking about nerves carrying blood. Even someone like me who is not so good at biology knows that is not true. But she goes on and on about things like that.

So to sum it up its Fun Class + Dumb Instructor versus Serious Class + Great Instructor. I am confused.

Oye !!! That reminds me I have to go … I have a kick boxing trial class to attend… Now let’s see how that works out…


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One response to “The First Three days

  1. Titaxy

    March 13, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    hmm, that’s a tricky choice. i wouldn’t go for the dumb instructor.
    hope you love kickboxing.



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