Flowers and me

10 Mar

Somehow I can’t cross a florist without clicking snaps of the bright blossoms … Flowers specially the brightly coloured ones never fail to attract my attention …

I have grown up in a place with a big garden with a variety of flowers … My earliest memories are of my mum waking me up early in the morning for a nice long walk while collecting the pretty flowers in my basket … It used to be cold and foggy with the sun peeking behind the clouds and Mum and me picking flowers. My mom loves arranging flowers in vases. As a child I watched her lovingly choose flowers and arrange them creatively to make beautiful arrangements .

The absolute delight on her face when she gets the arrangement perfect is priceless … I have grown up watching her tend to her garden and find joy in the nature’s blooms but somehow arranging flowers and making perfect bouquets was never my thing. I just watched and admired.

Flowers are of much importance in my home ( ie my maternal home) … Flowers are given to say sorry or for a thank you. Flowers are gifted for birthdays or anniversaries … Any festival or a special day is incomplete without flowers … For my mom when words fail you speak with flowers and she understands … The most sure shot way to ‘patao’ or ‘manao’ mum is to give her a big bunch of lilies …

Flowers remind me of mum , my native place and the lovely morning walks and take me back to the times of innocence and bliss…

Sharing with you the a snap of flowers at the florist today …



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2 responses to “Flowers and me

  1. Mi

    March 10, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    sooo pretty!



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