27 Feb


One of H’s colleagues had two tickets for the movie Highway and couldn’t make it so that’s how we landed up at the late night show. I was almost drowsy with sleep and highly skeptical if I wanted to watch a serious movie after a long day at work but I wasn’t a person who would miss out on free tickets so I was there with a huge tub of popcorn in hand.

But as the movie progressed I was engrossed. All sleep and tiredness forgotten … I was hooked. Truthfully before this movie I didn’t think both Alia and Randeep were good actors but in this one they truly were in their roles … The story is about two damaged souls who travel together and help each other heal … Alia plays the role of Veera a girl from a affluent background who falls in love with her kidnapper … Nothing new in the story but the way it is treated is amazing … The characters are intriguing , the support actors are brilliant …

The only time the plot seems a little unreal is when Veera becomes friends with her kidnappers almost too soon to be believable …She says ‘yaha accha lag raha hai’ almost too quickly for you to digest … But if one can overlook that part the rest is a compelling journey through the undiscovered countryside of India…

A. R Rahman ‘s music is soulful … I like the fact that nobody suddenly breaks into a song in the movie .The music runs mostly as a background score which portrays the emotions perfectly …

Imtiaz Ali tells his story in a simple yet unconventional way …

Alia’s portrayal of Veera is fresh and refreshing … She has just the right amount of innocence and naivety required for the role… Somehow I couldn’t identify with her portrayal of shaniaya in Student of the Year … But here she is just perfect ..

Randeep Hooda is his usual brooding self. But he delivers his role of a kidnapper with conviction …His rare smile seems like a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day .I think these kind of roles suit him better than those of a suave, handsome playboy.

Overall highway is a journey… A experience … Though not entirely pleasant ( none of that I feel so good types) but interesting all the same … I am not so sure if I enjoyed it completely but it was a film that was worth every penny of my ticket ( not applicable in my case as I didn’t buy my ticket but still ) … An experience that should not be missed.

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