Office woes

15 Feb

I am sitting in office … Serving my notice period … Technically the notice period is supposed to be a honeymoon period where one has to handover the work and generally just relax. But no my office is not going to let me off so easy. The day I gave my resignation the pile of work to be done on my desk has doubled. Everything is suddenly important and urgent … Sometimes I wonder if the buildings I am working on are actually having a growth spurt and competing against one another to get completed in the next month.

But then facing reality I come to terms and realise that it is one of my office ‘s another torture technique .Once the employee gives resignation give him/ her so much of work with tight deadlines so that the person would get stressed and not serve the entire notice period and then they can hassle him / her for that month ‘s salary .That is a seriously sick attitude. I know but can’t do much . It’s a sick system out here and that’s one of the reason ‘s why getting out of here feels like being free .

I am trying my best to cope up in this transition period .But I am desperately looking forward to the end of this month ..,

Then the fun times of rest and relaxation would start and of course a lot of blogging …


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