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And the milkman arrives…


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One of H’s colleagues had two tickets for the movie Highway and couldn’t make it so that’s how we landed up at the late night show. I was almost drowsy with sleep and highly skeptical if I wanted to watch a serious movie after a long day at work but I wasn’t a person who would miss out on free tickets so I was there with a huge tub of popcorn in hand.

But as the movie progressed I was engrossed. All sleep and tiredness forgotten … I was hooked. Truthfully before this movie I didn’t think both Alia and Randeep were good actors but in this one they truly were in their roles … The story is about two damaged souls who travel together and help each other heal … Alia plays the role of Veera a girl from a affluent background who falls in love with her kidnapper … Nothing new in the story but the way it is treated is amazing … The characters are intriguing , the support actors are brilliant …

The only time the plot seems a little unreal is when Veera becomes friends with her kidnappers almost too soon to be believable …She says ‘yaha accha lag raha hai’ almost too quickly for you to digest … But if one can overlook that part the rest is a compelling journey through the undiscovered countryside of India…

A. R Rahman ‘s music is soulful … I like the fact that nobody suddenly breaks into a song in the movie .The music runs mostly as a background score which portrays the emotions perfectly …

Imtiaz Ali tells his story in a simple yet unconventional way …

Alia’s portrayal of Veera is fresh and refreshing … She has just the right amount of innocence and naivety required for the role… Somehow I couldn’t identify with her portrayal of shaniaya in Student of the Year … But here she is just perfect ..

Randeep Hooda is his usual brooding self. But he delivers his role of a kidnapper with conviction …His rare smile seems like a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day .I think these kind of roles suit him better than those of a suave, handsome playboy.

Overall highway is a journey… A experience … Though not entirely pleasant ( none of that I feel so good types) but interesting all the same … I am not so sure if I enjoyed it completely but it was a film that was worth every penny of my ticket ( not applicable in my case as I didn’t buy my ticket but still ) … An experience that should not be missed.

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Tuesday Quotes 57


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Stormy !!!


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How I met H

Keeping in tune with the Valentine Day mood I am going to tell you guys the story about how I met my best friend and the love of my life H.

It was about 8 years ago and I was having a pretty horrible day at my college and I was hurrying downstairs with a architectural model in my hand almost in tears. My skill at model making was limited and this one was precariously hanging on its base. My professor had yelled at me over this model on which I had spent the last 48 hours working . So I was just trying to get out of the campus without anyone else noticing my disastrous attempt at model making.

Just as I was at the gate I heard someone mentioning my name and I don’t know why but I turned towards that unfamiliar voice.There in front of me was a stranger asking the hottest girl in my college if she was Ana from the 1st year. That girl looked almost offended to be mistaken to a plain jane like me & just shook her head and pointed towards me.And I was just standing there with the model in hand while the stranger walked towards me. He smiled at me and said ‘ Hi, I am H . I am your cousin S’s friend . I have a small parcel for your parents.S had sent it with me as I was coming to college today for some work and you studied here ‘

While taking the small box and managing to hold on to the model I asked if he studied here as well.He said he just finished his graduation from the same college and had come over to collect some papers.Then I noticed him staring at the model. I flushed. He simply asked ‘Is this your work?’ I was embarrassed and angry about it so I just snapped ‘why would I be carrying it otherwise ?’ He looked more amused than offended and smiled and left . I suddenly felt stupid and rude. I don’t do this with people and here I was being rude to a total stranger whom I was now realising was a very very cute one.

After few months it was my cousin S ‘s wedding and I was all decked up and having fun with my other cousins .And there was H walking through that door. He looked breath taking in white kurta and I was openly staring .He didn’t even notice me.Later when I was hogging on pani puris I was surprised to find him standing next to me looking amused at my apparent relish in trying to gobble down one big puri. We both broke into a laugh and that’s how we started talking …

Then one thing led to another and soon we were dating each other …

So that’s the beginning of the most beautiful chapter of my life ….

Wishing you all a very happy valentine day !!! And hope you celebrate your love and make each other feel special everyday as if it were a valentine day …


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Office woes

I am sitting in office … Serving my notice period … Technically the notice period is supposed to be a honeymoon period where one has to handover the work and generally just relax. But no my office is not going to let me off so easy. The day I gave my resignation the pile of work to be done on my desk has doubled. Everything is suddenly important and urgent … Sometimes I wonder if the buildings I am working on are actually having a growth spurt and competing against one another to get completed in the next month.

But then facing reality I come to terms and realise that it is one of my office ‘s another torture technique .Once the employee gives resignation give him/ her so much of work with tight deadlines so that the person would get stressed and not serve the entire notice period and then they can hassle him / her for that month ‘s salary .That is a seriously sick attitude. I know but can’t do much . It’s a sick system out here and that’s one of the reason ‘s why getting out of here feels like being free .

I am trying my best to cope up in this transition period .But I am desperately looking forward to the end of this month ..,

Then the fun times of rest and relaxation would start and of course a lot of blogging …


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