Being a Woman …

10 Mar
On this woman ‘s day as my inbox got flooded with messages wishing me ,I wondered what exactly does it mean for me to be a woman
 For whatever reason the first thing that came to my mind was menstural cycles … Ughhh … The pain , the uncomfortable feeling , hormones going haywire , the irritation , the emotional upheaval … Yes that’s being a woman … Don’t think any man can ever take all this …
And the other things that make a woman , a woman are
  • Being a drama queen with all the high emotions , laughter and throwing tantrums …
  • Finding heaven in a shoe shop 
  • For the day going from the best day ever to the worst day ever in matter of minutes
  • Feeling wonderful and not so wonderful at the same time
  • Continuing to struggle and yet smile at the same time
  • Being able to love boundless and hate endless
  • Juggling multiple jobs and serving many constituencies like study, home , family work with love, energy , grace and lot of hard work
  • To care too much and fear too much as well
  • Being able to cry when feelings cannot be expressed in words …
  • Frequently caught between sensibility and sensitivity
  • Having a brain that registers and remembers every single date and anniversaries 
  • Having this obsessive need to talk
  • Gossiping , giggling as if they are our birthright
  • Being strong when everything else seems to be going wrong
  • Whose most pains can be lessened by big hugs , good talks and a big box of chocolates
  • Being fiercely loyal and a very dangerous enemy
  • Being around to care even when you are very angry and at that person
  • Having to work doubly hard to get to the same place as a man
  • Facing discrimination at workplace 
  • Being judged for her looks as opposed to the person she is
  • Having to live upto the image of a super woman and do the household chores and office work efficiently an seemingly effortlessly
  • To be able to give birth to a new life
  • Being able to love wholeheartedly and unconditionally 
  • Being able to wipe tears and hold herself together when her whole world is crashing down
  • Having a wide range of emotions and being able to speak about what I truly felt
  • Always having an invisible crown on her head
  • Struggling between heart and mind
  • Believing in miracles
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