Off to Far East

11 Feb

Just four days more and I am going off to Singapore for a much awaited and according to me a much deserved vacation … Yeaieee !!!

The last two months in office have been crazy … Lots n lots of work but nothing that would interest me … The cherry on the cake was the super irritating office politics going around everywhere … Just  getting up and going to the office had become a difficult task … Things in H’s office were also bad so he also was so stressed that I wasn’t able to seek any comfort with him … I was stressed to my max … I felt like running away somewhere … Just go out and have some fun … But something always came up and  due to limited budgets all we could do is go for some small day trips …
That just failed to refresh me … I could see that H was trying to make the most of whatever time and money we had to spare just to cheer me up but somehow it didn’t help ..I felt guilty and disappointed at the same time …
Over a period of time my boredom and stress rather than diminishing intensified almost everyday … My productivity at work had gone down considerably and I was ashamed of myself … I was really down in pits and all consumed by self pity and disgust at myself because of that …
I knew I had go get out of this office and find work that excited me but somehow I was scared and lethargic  to even get off my butt and do something about it …
Then things brightened up … H found a new job… So things suddenly looked sunnier … His mood improved and with the prospect of a pay hike just around the corner we could go for a vacation …
I have travelled a lot with my parents and been to a lot of different countries but travelling with H is special … Doing things together , exploring new places gives me so much happiness …even if I have seen a place before,  seeing it with him gives me a whole different perspective … I love going out on vacations with him and this time I just NEEDED it …
After thinking about a lot of places which now fitted in our now expanded budget we zeroed in on Singapore .. We both have been there before ( me actually thrice ) but I love the city with its architecture and nature co existing so well together ..
Thankfully indigo airlines had very good deals going around and we availed the offer happily …
And so my days of planning and preparing for the trip started … My mood has lifted considerably and I am waiting waiting almost impatiently for my break to start …
My planning phase had its own challenges but that will take another whole post … Anyways I have written such a lot that if you are still awake I want to scream and shout
Yeaieee !!!!!!!!!

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2 responses to “Off to Far East

  1. Nomad

    February 12, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Have a wonderful trip 🙂



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