Annoying Ladies at the Gym

17 Jan

I like going to the gym but I am seriously annoyed with the ladies there. I am a beginner and I am just about getting used to the whole exercise thing. I am taking it slow and steady just so that I don’t get injured. But who is going to understand that? 

There is this group of ladies who have been going to the gym for a long time now ( They are still all fat … I know I am being bitchy but what the hell) and they do almost all exercises together. Like when they have to run on the treadmill they will all get on the treadmills next to each other. The same is the case with cycles. I didn’t have a problem with that. I tried to stay out of their way and be polite whenever they spoke to me but no they couldn’t somehow tolerate that. I am not a person who can chat while exercising. Firstly because I don’t have enough stamina to both talk and work out. It’s either one of the two. And secondly their content whining and bitching about everyone else in the gym irritated me. 
So once they figured out that I am not going to join their group they probably decided that they need to irritate me. So now when I am doing all the sit-ups or crunches which I can barely manage they just stand around on the pretence on drinking water or something commenting on how young yet fat I am…One lady said to the other ‘ Girls these days just eat and sit in front of computers no wonder they just go fat ‘ and this comment came who they were looking pointedly at me struggling to do the crunches…I was like I can hear you….
These kind of comments continued everyday… Till one day one lady had the audacity to come and tell me that I am not going to lose weight like that as I am not able to keep up with anything…I still tried being calm and explaining to her that I plan to get fit and losing weight comes secondary… To which she laughed and walked away…
Then finally the last straw was when one lady actually tried to increase the speed of my treadmill because she thought I should be running as walking is not quite helpful…I literally yelled at her to mind her own business…I even went out and complained to the instructor. I could have got seriously injured …Now I am suddenly a rude one and sort of an outsider amongst the other girls…But I don’t care… I took a stand for my right and I am proud of it…
I didn’t tell H much about what was going on in the girl’s section of the gym because I didn’t want to unessasarily stress him out as he is super happy with his gym buddies…
Girls like this I can handle on my own … 

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3 responses to “Annoying Ladies at the Gym

  1. liviti

    January 17, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Good on you taking a stand. I’ve come across women like this as well. At least we don’t need our friends to hold our hands whilst we work out. Keep at it!


  2. mischievouseyez

    January 17, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    yup …don’t take their shit!! they are useless jobless women,,,,good u stood up and even in the future if they give you any shit..give it back to them, don’t take it quietly..!


  3. Nomad

    January 22, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Your approach is absolutely correct, and getting fit, without injuring yourself is the aim. Many of these ladies land up with permanent knee injuries due to their wrong approach to the whole fitness thing. For people like these, does not matter if the venue is a gym or a mandir or a kitty party, their agenda and activities are the same. Ignore them.



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