Keeping up with the Resolution

10 Jan

I am home today on a weekday with every part of my body aching.. Oh no I am not sick or anything…it’s just that I joined a gym as per my New Year Resolution. I made sure that I join the gym with H so that he keeps a check on me and the other way round. But in reality I am the only one who needs motivation to get up early morning and drag myself out of the bed to go and run( actually walk ) on the tread mill…

This  gym is very close to my home and hence the preference. I don’t think I could have ever got up and travelled somewhere to reach to a high tech one..I stick to the beginner level as I am not even used to moving a lot and exercising is a big big deal for me…
But on the first day of the new year I impulsively went and signed up for a three month gym membership without actually putting a lot of thought…I guess that’s the only way I could have done it…The next morning H was waking me up and I was almost screaming that its still dark outside and I so don’t want to go to the gym…But he wouldn’t listen and then played the trump card saying that all my membership money would be lost…That woke up the stingy part in me and then I started getting ready just so that I wouldn’t waste the money ( for people who know me this wont come as a surprise ) …
It was nice and cold outside and I actually enjoyed putting in my track suit with my nice running shoes and go to the gym holding hands with H.But after I entered the gym I started feeling a little apprehensive  seeing all those super fit people running on the treadmills and doing all kinds of difficult exercises.I was looking around to see if there is anybody like me who is a beginner with very less tolerance for any kind of physical exercise.But I could spot no one.I looked at H but he was already talking excitedly with his trainer.H is very very enthusiastic about working out. Bang opposite of what I am. He loves cycling and always makes a point to go out for long walks after heavy meals.He even plays table tennis during his lunch breaks in office.I go for walks when I am depressed or wheni just need fresh air and that too is limited.Sometimes I go for walks with H to keep him company but it mostly results in me having to run behind him because he walks too fast… So nowadays I avoid doing that also….
Since H was busy with the trainer I thought I should go and find my own trainer. When I found her she started at me top to bottom and said we have lots of work to do.I knew I was in for a hard time.She started off with some basic warm up exercises which I could do quite easily so that eased a little of my apprehension but then she asked me to do squats. Wow I had no idea my legs have so many parts that could individually and collectively scream in pain if I put them through such stress….I was panting…My legs were aching and it was baddddd…. But she wasn’t through with me yet …it was just the beginning….then came sit ups , cycling , some aerobic exercises , running in the treadmill with the trainer increasing the speed at every five minutes ….So after an hour when I left the gym I was in pain all over… Every part of my body was stretched and worked at … And I was getting super annoyed looking at H who seemed so happy about the work out…All he could say was it happens on the first few days , you will get used to it…
I couldn’t move after the gruelling exercise but I had to go work and so I went…. The next morning it was   even more difficult as now I was not just apprehensive but I was in pain also…. Still H dragged me to gym and it wasn’t all that bad….This routine continued for about a week and I am now a little used to exercising…
But my trainer thought now she should increase the difficulty level but my body had different ideas…My leg got sprained in the process so now I am home alone…wondering how much time it would take for me to stop limping and actually get back to the gym….
Overall I have started liking going to the gym…It makes me feel good about myself…

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2 responses to “Keeping up with the Resolution

  1. Nomad

    January 11, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, although I am sorry about your aching muscles.
    I love this part especially: I had no idea my legs have so many parts that could individually and collectively scream in pain if I put them through such stress..
    It is so true!
    I am a no resolutions kind of person, never made a new year resolution. Lazy I guess, I mean I am going to break it anyway, so why bother. 😦


    • emotionalsalad

      January 11, 2013 at 5:41 pm

      Thank u Nomad !!! My muscles are still aching and I am still limping but I wear a bright smile on my face coz I finally succeeded in dragging myself to the gym !!!



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