New Year Resolutions

31 Dec



When the year 2012 began I had so many things in mind.I am going to do this ,I am going to do that.I start enthusiastically  but soon lost interest and the goals were forgotten.It usually happens to me.I get too excited and take up a lot of things to do at the same time.But as time passes my enthusiasm fizzes out and I end up not perusing any of them.

That’s the reason I have decided to make a small but we’ll thought of written list of all my New Year Resolutions and put it up on my blog so that it definite.Sharing your to do list with someone makes you answerable and thus more responsible.So here it goes ,
Write a Diary Everyday
I am a big fan of diary writing.I used to write diary in my school and junior college days.Not everyday but every time when something significant used to happen I rushed back home to make a note of it in my precious diary.My grandfather had given me a diary with a lock when I was about twelve.That was one of my most treasured possessions.Somehow when I moved to Mumbai it got lost during the shifting and I never got back to diary writing.


This Diwali when I went back to Rtn I found my precious little diary again.I spent hours reading it, re- living all the memories and it was amazing.Thats when I decided I am going back to diary writing and this time I plan to write in it everyday.There are so many things happening in your life every single day worth making a note of.I would love to pass on my diary to the next generation someday.I think it’s a wonderful gift to pass on.Its like  giving a little bit of you with all your wisdom and silliness to your children.
Lose Weight with Right Diet and Regular Exercise
Losing weight has been on my agenda for quite some time now.I am totally against the idea of starving myself so I don’t even attempt to try those fad diets.I am basically too lazy to move my butt out of the couch and exercise.But this year I tried.I managed to discipline my eating habits and exercise a little.But still it showed results.No my weight didn’t go down but didn’t shoot up also( See I am a very optimistic person ).
But now I plan to further than that.Now it’s the time to reduce and get myself toned up.Since eating less is just not possible for me ( and harmful for others because hungry me is extremely cranky me; ready to bite off your head) I have decided to just stick to eating the right kind of food at regular intervals.So fried food and frizzy colas are out ( not entirely but majority of time ) .Exercise is something that I have to do and I need to do it regularly.I have decided to go for a walk for about 40 minutes.(Hopefully me and H can go together because then it spending quality time together and it doesn’t seem like exercise.)Also I am going to take stairs now on not the elevator( I live in the third floor). If possible I also plan to join a dance class.Its a all body exercise and I love dancing. But that’s just a plan for now , nothing definite.
I hope the next year end when I make another list of my New Year Resolutions I am all fit and fab.
Get over my Fear of Driving a Car
Driving is something I am petrified of.I do have a driving license and I got it when I was 18 but somehow driving on the crowded roads of Mumbai is terrifying.Both H and my Dad tried their best to teach me to drive properly but soon gave up.Dad lost all patience and nearly yelled at me.H is the opposite end.He said  I know driving its just the fear of it stopping me. I should start driving without anybody sitting next to me and if I get into trouble he’ll help out.Saying that he just got out the car and asked me to drive.I sat frozen in my seat and after a lot of yelling and crying just drove around for about 5 minutes before almost hitting a tree.That experience almost had my confidence in shreds and I didn’t sit in the driver’s seat again after that.
Not being able to drive a car is a handicap.It makes me very dependent and I don’t like that at all..Its a survival skill these days where one has to travel across the length and breadth of the city for  a good job. I get quite ashamed to say that I can’t drive.So I think now it is high time that I take control of my fear and drive the car confidently.
Hopefully by the next December , the fit and fabulous me would be driving car around the city of Mumbai with a smile on my face after reading my diary of 2013.
Happy New Year Everybody !!!



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