Ajab Gazab Love – A Review

20 Dec



It’s one of those films you know is utterly senseless but yet watch when you have nothing to do. I didn’t have any expectations from this film and so wasn’t disappointed at all.

Rajveer Ghreval (Jackky Bhagnani) the ideal son of the automobile czar Yashvardhan Grewal (Darshan Jhariwala) is obsessed with designing his dream car DC (How Innovative!!!).But love can happen any instant. And for this hardworking chap it happens when he falls for a dusky girl (Nidhi Subbaiah) coming down the elevator. (Love at first sight you see)So our love struck hero (fool) tracks down this escalator girl but before he can express his love for her , he realises that she hates rich people and can get every high pitched and angry about them (and may I add seriously annoying).

So now what does our poor rich guy do? Simple. He pretends to be poor but educated car mechanic who works on a petrol pump but is actively involved with social work. And it works like magic. In a song or two our dusky babe (who is anyways obsessively interested in poverty) falls for the poor rich guy.

But now she wants to meet the family. (She wants to know about the poor sad life of the hardworking mechanic).That’s a big problem considering the Ghrevals have to pretend to be ‘poor’ and live in a kholi.But since Rajveer’s mom (Kirron Kher) is also obsessed about finding her DC , Dream Bahu they all agree to play their parts. So the family who has never seen poverty presents a filmy image of family – andhi maa , fruit seller father ,drunkard brother and helpless sister in law.

The problems double up when Maddy’s twin brothers (Arjun Rampal & Arjun Rampal) who also are one of the richest people in Bhopal want to check out the impoverished family.

Ajab Gazab love has its hilarious moments but overall it runs on an even pace. The film mostly revolves around Jackky. It actually is meant to project his (in) acting but does nothing more than highlight his unbelievably good abs (drool!!! drool!!!) and dancing skills. There are few moments that bring out laugh but rest of it is filled with cheesy lines and lousy jokes.

Jackky with his six pack abs makes a sincere attempt to deliver a good performance but disappoints most of the times. There are times when he seems endearing (I might have added those because of his amazing abs showing scenes) but they are very few. Niddhi as a leading lady is just passable.

Darshan Jhariwala performance is extra ordinary. His kela scene is worth a mention. He is just too good in that. (I still have good laugh remembering it). Kirron Kher resorts to over acting but still manages to make you laugh. She is one character who entertains throughout the film.

Arjun Rampal pulls off a decent performance in his double role.Arshad Varsi in his cameo playing the servant pretending to be the rich businessman is very entertaining.

The songs are nice. I especially like the Nachde Punjabi one.

If you have nothing better to do and want to watch a mindless comedy then Ajab Gazab Love is for you.





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