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New Year Resolutions



When the year 2012 began I had so many things in mind.I am going to do this ,I am going to do that.I start enthusiastically  but soon lost interest and the goals were forgotten.It usually happens to me.I get too excited and take up a lot of things to do at the same time.But as time passes my enthusiasm fizzes out and I end up not perusing any of them.

That’s the reason I have decided to make a small but we’ll thought of written list of all my New Year Resolutions and put it up on my blog so that it definite.Sharing your to do list with someone makes you answerable and thus more responsible.So here it goes ,
Write a Diary Everyday
I am a big fan of diary writing.I used to write diary in my school and junior college days.Not everyday but every time when something significant used to happen I rushed back home to make a note of it in my precious diary.My grandfather had given me a diary with a lock when I was about twelve.That was one of my most treasured possessions.Somehow when I moved to Mumbai it got lost during the shifting and I never got back to diary writing.


This Diwali when I went back to Rtn I found my precious little diary again.I spent hours reading it, re- living all the memories and it was amazing.Thats when I decided I am going back to diary writing and this time I plan to write in it everyday.There are so many things happening in your life every single day worth making a note of.I would love to pass on my diary to the next generation someday.I think it’s a wonderful gift to pass on.Its like  giving a little bit of you with all your wisdom and silliness to your children.
Lose Weight with Right Diet and Regular Exercise
Losing weight has been on my agenda for quite some time now.I am totally against the idea of starving myself so I don’t even attempt to try those fad diets.I am basically too lazy to move my butt out of the couch and exercise.But this year I tried.I managed to discipline my eating habits and exercise a little.But still it showed results.No my weight didn’t go down but didn’t shoot up also( See I am a very optimistic person ).
But now I plan to further than that.Now it’s the time to reduce and get myself toned up.Since eating less is just not possible for me ( and harmful for others because hungry me is extremely cranky me; ready to bite off your head) I have decided to just stick to eating the right kind of food at regular intervals.So fried food and frizzy colas are out ( not entirely but majority of time ) .Exercise is something that I have to do and I need to do it regularly.I have decided to go for a walk for about 40 minutes.(Hopefully me and H can go together because then it spending quality time together and it doesn’t seem like exercise.)Also I am going to take stairs now on not the elevator( I live in the third floor). If possible I also plan to join a dance class.Its a all body exercise and I love dancing. But that’s just a plan for now , nothing definite.
I hope the next year end when I make another list of my New Year Resolutions I am all fit and fab.
Get over my Fear of Driving a Car
Driving is something I am petrified of.I do have a driving license and I got it when I was 18 but somehow driving on the crowded roads of Mumbai is terrifying.Both H and my Dad tried their best to teach me to drive properly but soon gave up.Dad lost all patience and nearly yelled at me.H is the opposite end.He said  I know driving its just the fear of it stopping me. I should start driving without anybody sitting next to me and if I get into trouble he’ll help out.Saying that he just got out the car and asked me to drive.I sat frozen in my seat and after a lot of yelling and crying just drove around for about 5 minutes before almost hitting a tree.That experience almost had my confidence in shreds and I didn’t sit in the driver’s seat again after that.
Not being able to drive a car is a handicap.It makes me very dependent and I don’t like that at all..Its a survival skill these days where one has to travel across the length and breadth of the city for  a good job. I get quite ashamed to say that I can’t drive.So I think now it is high time that I take control of my fear and drive the car confidently.
Hopefully by the next December , the fit and fabulous me would be driving car around the city of Mumbai with a smile on my face after reading my diary of 2013.
Happy New Year Everybody !!!



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My life in 2012


As the year 2012 comes to an end I thought of making a list things I would remember the most about this year.So here it goes :

  • A colleague slowly and steadily became my best friend.My strength and support and reason for all the fun I have in office .God bless u S !!!
  • Mom went through an surgery and came out strong. I thank God from the bottom of my heart !!!
  • Enjoyed my work.Learnt so many new things , excelled in some , failed in some but overall an very good experience
  • My little sister got married to the guy she loves.And in return I got a brother in law whom I love and adore… Awww !!!
  • Went to a winery for a romantic weekend with H…Wine, sunset , holding hands …Amazing !!!
  • Started writing a blog…got introduced to the world of blogging …Enjoying every minute of it!!!
  • Another magical year spent with H.A roller coaster ride with all its screams and shouts but loads of fun too…
  • Started making interesting salads for H. Nothing elaborate but since he loves them I feel proud of my culinary skills.
  • Read a lot of new books on my kindle ( Oh yeah n bought a kindle with my own hard earned money)
  • Spent awesome time with my iPhone 4 ( I love you my darling phone )
  • With the new camera I got recently I am now introduced to the art of clicking good photographs…
  • One of my closest aunts passed away.May she rest in peace.
  • Joined a post graduate certificate course in one of the most reputed universities in India.Proud to get in .
  • Planned a birthday party for my maternal grand mother and gave her lot of fun gifts.The look on her face was priceless.
  • Went though lots of ups and downs in office but survived it and gained a lot of experience.
  • Spent the year being in the company of people I love and care about and that’s a year well spent .
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Student of the Year – A Review

soty1 (1)


Karan Johar is back with his candyfloss romance creating a fantasy world full of good looking people, expensive things and exotic locations. If bubblegum romance is your cup of tea then SOY is totally your type.

Student of the Year is set in impossibly chic campus of St Teresa High School where good looking students dressed in designer clothes lounge in canteens or break into a song & dance routine. The story is a simple love triangle on the background of the Student of the Year competition. The two heroes are Abhimanyu (Siddharth Malhotra) and Rohan (Varun Dhawan).They is as different as chalk and cheese. Abhimanyu is an ambitious boy next door (who is drop dead gorgeous with abs to kill for) studying in St Teressa on scholarship while Rohan (again a hunk) is a spoilt rich kid of India’s leading business tycoon who is also the school’s chief trustee. The lady in the love triangle is Shanaya Singhania ((Alia Bhatt), a dolled up rich babe who substitutes her lack of family ties with designer labels .The two heroes with different backgrounds and clear goals clash with each other in parking lots, football fields and canteen. Their rivalry takes an unexpected turn when the enemies turn friends. But this lasts for a short time as the enemies turned friends turn back into enemies when Abhimanyu falls for Rohan’s childhood sweetheart Shanaya and she silently reciprocates. The Student of the Year competition initiated by d Dean Yoginder Vasisht (Rishi Kapoor ) adds fuel to the fire as new ambitions are born , old loyalties fall aside and the competition manages to tear apart the lives of the participants.

The side cast consisting of the rich guy’s chamcha, the best friend of the school’s most popular girl, the fat guy whom everybody makes fun of, the opportunist hot girl may seem stereotypes but somehow one can see the shades of them in your friends as well.

Siddharth Malhotra as Abhimanyu is pleasant and sincere. Varun Dhawan comes off as a confident new comer. Alia Bhatt is cute but passable. She portrays the role of spoilt, clueless rich girl well but lacks the attitude of Kareena Kapoor’s Poo.Rishi Kapoor plays the role of a gay deal lusting after the football coach with ease and is highly entertaining.

Vishal shekhar’s music is peppy and hummable.

The film rains glamour and gloss. The script is entirely unoriginal but it doesn’t bother Karan Johar and he doesn’t let it bother you as well. His entire magic lies in presentation rather than story telling. Its campus romance revisited but without the magic of KKHH.

It is basically escapist cinema which doesn’t have any life changing points to make.

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Tuesday Quote 17

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Ajab Gazab Love – A Review



It’s one of those films you know is utterly senseless but yet watch when you have nothing to do. I didn’t have any expectations from this film and so wasn’t disappointed at all.

Rajveer Ghreval (Jackky Bhagnani) the ideal son of the automobile czar Yashvardhan Grewal (Darshan Jhariwala) is obsessed with designing his dream car DC (How Innovative!!!).But love can happen any instant. And for this hardworking chap it happens when he falls for a dusky girl (Nidhi Subbaiah) coming down the elevator. (Love at first sight you see)So our love struck hero (fool) tracks down this escalator girl but before he can express his love for her , he realises that she hates rich people and can get every high pitched and angry about them (and may I add seriously annoying).

So now what does our poor rich guy do? Simple. He pretends to be poor but educated car mechanic who works on a petrol pump but is actively involved with social work. And it works like magic. In a song or two our dusky babe (who is anyways obsessively interested in poverty) falls for the poor rich guy.

But now she wants to meet the family. (She wants to know about the poor sad life of the hardworking mechanic).That’s a big problem considering the Ghrevals have to pretend to be ‘poor’ and live in a kholi.But since Rajveer’s mom (Kirron Kher) is also obsessed about finding her DC , Dream Bahu they all agree to play their parts. So the family who has never seen poverty presents a filmy image of family – andhi maa , fruit seller father ,drunkard brother and helpless sister in law.

The problems double up when Maddy’s twin brothers (Arjun Rampal & Arjun Rampal) who also are one of the richest people in Bhopal want to check out the impoverished family.

Ajab Gazab love has its hilarious moments but overall it runs on an even pace. The film mostly revolves around Jackky. It actually is meant to project his (in) acting but does nothing more than highlight his unbelievably good abs (drool!!! drool!!!) and dancing skills. There are few moments that bring out laugh but rest of it is filled with cheesy lines and lousy jokes.

Jackky with his six pack abs makes a sincere attempt to deliver a good performance but disappoints most of the times. There are times when he seems endearing (I might have added those because of his amazing abs showing scenes) but they are very few. Niddhi as a leading lady is just passable.

Darshan Jhariwala performance is extra ordinary. His kela scene is worth a mention. He is just too good in that. (I still have good laugh remembering it). Kirron Kher resorts to over acting but still manages to make you laugh. She is one character who entertains throughout the film.

Arjun Rampal pulls off a decent performance in his double role.Arshad Varsi in his cameo playing the servant pretending to be the rich businessman is very entertaining.

The songs are nice. I especially like the Nachde Punjabi one.

If you have nothing better to do and want to watch a mindless comedy then Ajab Gazab Love is for you.





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Tuesday Quote 16

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Chakrayuh – A Review


 I usually enjoy watching movies on real life issues. So Chakrayuh was on my To- Watch Movie list for a long time.

This movie by Prakash Jha is based on the problem of the Naxalite movement in India something that we read in newspapers almost every day.

The story is about two friends Adil Khan (Arjun Rampal ) and Kabeer (Abhay Deol) separated by caste, creed and ideologies ,who get further torn apart by irreconcilable socio-political differences. Adil Khan is a police officer who accepts posting in a dreaded area under Naxalite scanner where no other police office is willing to go. His old friend Kabeer initially warns him about going to such sensitive area but soon after seeing Adil’s frustration and anger towards the Naxals offers to help him.Kabeer offers to be planted as a mole in the enemy camp. The unexpected happens when Kabeer starts struggling with two entirely different ideologies and starts supporting the movement by becoming one of its leading comrade.

The backdrop of this movie is business and politics. Mahanta, a corporate giant wants to put up a plant and some villages need to be uprooted for that. Something that the politicians support whole heartedly… (The same old story).

Arjun Rampal somehow seems too well groomed to play such a hard core cop. But this is definitely one of his better performances. Esha Gupta who plays his wife surely a misfit. She seems fake in her role as a police officer. She looks more comfortable wearing her spaghetti tops and hot pants and pouting than interrogating a Naxalite leader.

Abhay Deol breezes in the role.He gets into the role with such ease and plays the character of a hot headed idealist comfortably. Anjali Patil who plays the role of Juhi an ideology driven Naxalite is a surprise package. She puts up an authentic performance. She is both vulnerable and a maniac. Her eyes speak volumes.

Manoj Bajpai completely fits in the role of Naxal Commander but doesn’t have much to do in the second half. Kabir Bedi as a business tycoon and Om Puri as Govind Suryavanshi have small but meaningful roles which they portray well.

Prakash Jha’s handling of Naxals is praise worthy. He clearly knows and shows the difference between a Naxal and a Naxal who is also a human. The Naxals are shown to be both kind and greedy; both aggressive and vulnerable.

What I liked about the movie was that it doesn’t take any sides. It’s left up to the audience to decide what is right, who is right. It raises questions. It makes you think. Nothing is portrayed as black or white. It’s all in the shades of gray. That’s what makes it real.

Overall I recommend this movie as a onetime watch for people who like seeing movies about real life issues.


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