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Mesmerizing Malvan…

This Diwali, H and me decided to go on a road trip to Malvan. Its a small fishing village in the district Sindhudurg about 500 Km south of Mumbai.I had seen a lot of attractive brochures about Malvan by Maharashtra Tourism Authority and wanted to really check out the place for a long time.

Its actually stunning with lush green valleys and pristine beaches.the narrow winding roads offer a surprise at every turn.Its simply breathtaking.With its scenic beauty ,friendly people and amazing food (especially if sea food is your thing) , its a perfect for a nice relaxing break from city life.

Posting some snaps as a glimpse of the mesmerizing Malvan…

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Tuesday Quote 13

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I am Thankful

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and all my friends in US were talking about it.It suddenly struck me what a wonderful idea thanks giving is.In our busy everyday life we forget to take a step back and actually feel thankful and blessed for all the wonderful things and people we have in our lives.Such a day gives us that pause or break to stop ,think and actually appreciate our own lives.
As I count my blessings this thanksgiving I am thankful to :
I am thankful for God for showering me and my family with his love and blessing
For all the good things and bad things.As good things make me better and the bad things make me stronger.The lessons he teaches, he happy surprises he plans.
My Parents
I am thankful to my wonderful parents who love me, guide me and be there for me (though I can be thoroughly irritating at times).I am thankful for their unconditional love & support which has made me the person I am today.I feel blessed to be the daughter of my parents.
My Husband H,
I am thankful to my darling husband for giving me all the love I ever wished for.For being faithful and committed to me.For accepting and loving me for the person I am and making me feel special always.
My late Dog Bryan
I am thankful to Bryan for being the companion I never had before.For never letting me feel lonely.For welcoming me home every single day and making me feel wanted and loved.For being my brother and my best friend.
My Friends,
I am thankful to all my friends both new and old.I am thankful for all the fun times we had together , the laughter and craziness they bought in my life.I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I have shared with my friends.
My Health
I crib and cry most of the times about how fat I have become.But today I realise how thankful I am to have a healthy body.i am thankful I have no serious disease or disorder.I live a rather good life.I am very thankful for that.
I am thankful for being the person I am.I am thankful for being a good person.I do have my imperfections but all in all I am good ,kind,loving, sensible person.I am thankful for that
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