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Tuesday Quotes 10


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Tuesday Quotes 09


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Tuesday Quotes 08

Inspiration is that state in which mind and heart is connected

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Tuesday Quotes 07

Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time


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Hot Hot Hot !!!

It’s June and yet it’s as hot as summer and I am not liking it at all. Every morning I hate getting out of my artificially cooled bedroom to go out in the merciless heat. I really have to drag myself out.

I don’t have a lot to travel but whatever little I go out in the sun my energy gets sapped out and I feel drained. I am tired and sweaty before I even reach office and look as if I have walked the Sahara. Deos become an absolute necessity. People around would have fainted otherwise.

I am so thankful to the air conditioner in the office. It keeps me comfy the whole day without worrying about the electricity bill. The electricity bills are going sky high especially in the summer. I hate spending a penny more than I have to. But nowadays A.C has become a necessity.

I feel blessed that I don’t have to travel in the local trains. The heat and stinky sweat would have been killing. I see people in my office coming completely drenched in sweat looking so in need to have a bath all over again. The heat just saps out every bit of energy left in you and makes one extremely cranky and irritable. It happens to me a lot. Put me out in the heat and as the temperature rises so does my irritation.

I almost fainted on my site the other day. I was so embarrassed that I forgot to get cranky. I have just admitted to myself that afternoon sun is just not tolerable to me.

Currently trying to avoid going out in the sun as much as possible and sipping on some juices. Hope the rains would bring some relief.

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