Different Everyday

07 Apr

Everyday is new.Everyday I discover something new about me or the people around me.I have a fixed routine.I do almost the same things everyday ; but there is so much difference between yesterday,today and tomorrow.

Some discoveries amaze me like just yesterday I found out that my hair can amazingly pretty if brushed in a certain way ( I am a girl whose most days are bad hair days).Some time finding something about yourself is quite disappointing like the other day I realised that I do get scared when a stray dog growls at me( I used to believe that dogs no matter how big or small do not scare me)..but overall its fun discovering things.Its like you are on the journey that you do frequently but an unexpected surprise might come up on the next turn

I observe people around me.Sometimes I spend hours with them for days in a row and yet something they say or do comes up as a surprise.A girl who seemed to be afraid of everything stands up to an unreasonable boss with courage when nobody in the team dares.A boy who makes jokes and is the office clown can have a really sad story back at home.A really annoying boss can turn out to be a real softie when it comes to some things.
I started thinking about all this when the cleaning maid who comes to our office told me about herself.I have known her for about a year now. I usually reach office earlier than rest of my colleagues so it’s mostly her and me in the office at the start of the work day.And being the talkative person I am,I chat with her almost everyday.
One day I asked her if her parents were looking for a husband for her. She looked at me and said that she was married off at the age of fifteen to a man who was about 20 years elder to her in her village back at U.P.She didn’t know it was illegal or wrong at that time.The husband abused her and made her life miserable.Parents washed off their hands.So she stayed with him for two or three years then one day she read somewhere that getting married before 18 was a crime and that her husband could be lawfully punished for that.So she lodged a complaint.Fought a case against her husband and her parents; won it and then ran away to Mumbai to escape the wrath of her villagers.She now works as a maid to support herself. She hasn’t given up on love yet and hopes to find the right guy who would treat her like a queen.

I  had no words.Here was a girl I thought I knew and she had such a amazing story which I had no clue about.It came as a surprise.A nice one and I felt proud to know of such a brave girl and her optimistic approach towards life touched me.

That’s when I thought nothing is as it seems.No tomorrow can be predicted accurately .We can just plan,hope,wish or pray for things but then there is a higher power in action who makes everyday different for every person so that he/she can learn ,grow and live to be a better person.


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2 responses to “Different Everyday

  1. samgonewild96

    April 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    I’m with you! We can’t predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Everyday we feel like nothing changed, same routine… But at the end of the day, we see those small things we did and although we might not notice them, they break our daily routine.


  2. Roshni

    May 6, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    ‘Nothing is as it seems”… so true! That’s something I’ve learnt firsthand!



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