The brave little girl

23 Feb

The other day when I went to a dermatologist, the receptionist told that I had to wait for at least forty minutes before the doctor would see me. This was a first come first serve type of a clinic and I had absolutely no idea that a dermatologist would be so very busy. The lobby was crowded and to my surprise was filled mostly with small kids accompanied by their parents. The kids looked quite at ease maybe even a little happy seeing other kids of the same age. They happily played their own childish games in the packed lobby much to my amusement. I wondered how carefree the childhood is when you are least bothered almost everything and how scared I get to go to a doctor even if he is a dermatologist.

I was busy lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly interrupted by a child scream. I turned to see that the kid was pointing at a little girl in cute pink frock hiding her face in her father’s arms. All kids were soon staring at her. I couldn’t see her face as she kept it well hidden. Her father lovingly patted her head whispered something in her ears and she turned and smiled. I was shocked, stunned and repulsed. That little girl’s whole face was covered with white hairy thing which from a distance looked like fungus. It was scary to look at.

But then I saw something else. I saw her bravely smiling through whatever was there on her face. I realized she is just a little girl who wants acceptance. It must have been so difficult for the child who doesn’t understand why other kids perceive her as a monster when she is just a kid who wants to play with them. The girl kept smiling at the kids around and tried to speak to some of them. But the other kids pointed at her, some laughed, some called names while the others ran away. She lost her smile and looked at her father and he didn’t say anything but smiled at her. Somehow he managed to convey in his smile that he loves her no matter what. And after that the girl didn’t hide her face, didn’t shy away from the staring eyes but smiled brightly through all those unfriendly glances. I felt so guilty about my initial feelings and was super impressed with the little girl’s bravery. I gave her a big bright smile and she gave me an even bigger and brighter smile in return.

Her brave shining smile left a smile on my face the whole day. I hope and pray to God that the little girl gets cured of her disease soon but never loses that beautiful smile of hers.

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