17 Feb
  1. I am the only child of my parents.
  2. I am married to a man who was my first date.
  3. I like the sound of my maiden name.
  4. I have a degree in Architecture
  5. I am a voracious reader.
  6. I read my first book when I was seven.
  7. I love reading thriller and suspense books.
  8. If I really like a book, I’ll read it more than once. I’ve read a few books more than a dozen times.
  9. I can’t stand pigeons and think they should have been extinct like the dinosaurs.
  10. As a child I wanted a pet giraffe
  11. I laugh over jokes nobody else seem to get
  12. I like the smell of petrol, fresh paint & mehendi.
  13. I don’t like loud music and wish they played dance music a little softly in clubs.
  14. I hate white colored  squishy food like curd,mayonniese,yogurt etc
  15. I can’t walk in high heels. I wish I could.
  16. I can’t cook to save my life
  17. I love being in love.
  18. I don’t believe in love at first sight
  19. I am more interested in watching the trailers shown at theatres during interval of a movie than the movie itself
  20. I love painted nails. Manicure & pedicure works can cheer me up.
  21. I can’t enough of handbags but hate clutches (nothing fits in them).
  22. I like street side shopping. Linking Road Bandra & Colaba Causeway are my favorites.
  23. I fall for the cheesiest romantic lines
  24. I wish my husband writes me love letters/notes.
  25. I think my mother is the prettiest woman on earth.
  26. I don’t like kids but they seem to like me
  27. Given a choice I would rather adopt a dog than have a kid.
  28. I can’t stand people who are cruel to animals.
  29. I love dogs and think I can understand their expressions.
  30. I genuinely believed as a child that a buffalo stepped on my nose and that’s why it is small.
  31. I love eating chicken.
  32. I get cranky, moody and extremely irritable if my sleep is disturbed.
  33. Confrontation makes me uncomfortable. Avoid doing it at any cost
  34. I got glasses when I was eight and was extremely happy about that.
  35. I think I have a nice smile if there is nothing stuck in my teeth.
  36. I can still laugh at my father’s jokes even though I must have heard some of them over a hundred times.
  37. I am addicted to my phone. Don’t go anywhere without it
  38. I come from a ‘Reading ‘family and have married into a completely ‘Non – Reading ‘family.
  39. I prefer eye glasses to contact lenses.
  40. It is very easy to annoy me. Some people do it merely by their presence.
  41. I get bored very easily.
  42. It is very easy for me to embarrass myself
  43. I can’t drive a car. This annoys my Husband a lot. Still I don’t do anything about it.
  44. I am scared of Rats and Ducks.(Long story…Don’t ask Why)
  45. I carry a large handbag and put everything and anything in it.
  46. I never get tired of watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  47. I don’t like sharing my food. (Joey doesn’t share his Food…Remember???)
  48. I pretend to write so that I can tell my left from right.
  49. I am afraid of heights.
  50.  My favorite colors are red & pink(I can be extremely girly at times)
  51. I have zero athletic talent.
  52. I like to put on A.C and make the room really really cold and then cuddle in a thick warm blanket.
  53. I don’t like amusement park rides. They make me sick.
  54. I can change my thought in middle of a thought
  55. I sing and dance like an idiot when I am home alone
  56. I giggle when I feel very cold. It’s quite irritating. Trust me
  57. I hate seeing my name misspelled or mispronounced.
  58. I don’t like being lied to. It’s the quickest and surest way to lose my friendship and trust.
  59. I think men in uniform look really cool.
  60. I think guys with glasses look really cute.
  61. I tend to find people attractive or unattractive depending on their nose. (Weird nah? I know)
  62. I find my husband’s nose very attractive
  63. I don’t like alcohol and hate smoking.
  64. I like solving puzzles. I am pretty good at it.
  65. I can’t be fake. If I try to be it shows. I fake smile at people I don’t like.
  66. Bad spellings and grammar annoy me.
  67. I have fond memories of hometown. Thinking about my home there brings a smile on my face.
  68. I like being complimented.
  69. I get cranky and emotional if I am hungry.
  70. I am a good teacher
  71. Watching Tamil movies dubbed in Hindi is my favorite afternoon time pass. They sure are hilarious.
  72. I hate being alone
  73. I have taken classes for belly dancing. Am relatively good at it.
  74. Someday I want to get a tattoo of my Late Dog ‘Bryan’ who was like a little brother to me.
  75. As a kid I wanted to learn ballet.
  76. I was closest to my paternal grandmother.
  77. I think Aishwarya Rai is plastic and Kangana Ranaut is downright annoying.
  78. I can’t sleep with lights on.
  79. Horror movies scare me
  80. I have long fingers. People assume I am an artist but I very bad at sketching.(and trust me you can be an architect even if you suck at sketching)
  81. I can’t stand Pepsi but I like Coke. Though Limca is my favorite.
  82. I am lousy at small talk. I get really awkward and shy at social gathering.
  83. I had a stone collection when I was a kid
  84. I wish I had a personal stylist. I am in awe of women who dress elegantly.
  85. I send text messages far more than I call people
  86. At one point of time I was really addicted to Farmville. If I had actually done farming for real with that much passion I would have been a millionaire by now.
  87. I have really weird vivid dreams sometimes.
  88. I like to think of myself as sweet, kind and caring .But I can also be lazy, moody and oversensitive.
  89. I wish I had a gay best friend.
  90. If a food is supposed to be hot. I like it really hot.
  91. I don’t like to eat green leafy vegetables. My mom still made me eat it regularly.
  92. I am at constant battle with my weight.
  93. I am very picky about footwear.
  94. I get shoe bite very easily. My feet have at least one band aid at any given time.
  95. I get nauseous very easily. Bad smell, sight or anything nasty can cause it. It is my usual reaction to unpleasant things.
  96. I want to live and own a farm in New Zealand with my husband at some point of time.
  97. I get really excited when I see the word ‘Sale’ on any shop. During sales I can be a impulsive shopper.
  98. Jealousy is one of my real bad personality traits.
  99. I am imperfect and really proud of it
  100. I love my Husband and my parents more than anything in the world.
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